What’d I miss?

A big part of VO Guide is the resource listings in the top menu. There’s a ton of info up there for gear, resources, and learning. As much as I’ve added, I know I’ve missed a lot too. That’s where you can help out!

Recently I’ve added as many vocal booths as I could find, and a fun list of booth toys–things you could use inside your booth or studio. Most on the booth toys list are just products that I personally use, know about, or I’ve seen recommended to others.

So, I kindly invite you to take a step in your booth or studio and look around to see what you’ve got. Maybe you take it for granted, but it makes your world so much better — or makes you more productive.

Contact me and send me a link or show me a pic and I’ll take care of the rest.

This goes for all the other categories, too. Did I miss a workshop, voice coach, conference, software, app, or book? Let me know!

Thank you! 😀

Chris Duke

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