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Welcome to VO Guide, your guide to everything voice over. While at launch (July 2020) it’s impossible to include everything, please know that we’re working hard to make it so. With your input and suggestions, we will get there quickly!

First, I invite you to check out the About page to get the back story. Then, browse the top menu to see everything we have to offer right now. Would you like to see something added? Please contact us with the details and link(s) for consideration.

As a new site that is still growing, there are bound to be bugs or display problems. If you encounter any, please contact us with a URL of the page you encountered the problem, and as much information as possible. Be sure to grab a screen shot in case we need it.

We are looking for voice over professionals to join our voice over talent directory. There is no cost to have an account here, however there are requirements. Click the “How It Works” link in the footer to learn more.

This site also has a very cool coupons page for discounts at VO sites and a news page that pulls in the latest news from approximately 20 different blogs and podcasts. The default sort order is newest, first, so you can always see the latest by going to the news page or even the home page for more brief view.

In the talent directory, click the person’s round avatar to instantly play their demo or click their name below their avatar to view their profile.

There’s a growing Help section, which will hopefully answer most of your questions. Just click the Help link at the bottom of the page at any time!

Thank you for visiting, and for reaching out with your suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Duke

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