These are release notes, changes, updates, milestones about the VO Guide website and appreciation for those who have helped! Thank you everyone for your help and support –Chris

  • 8/7/20 I had to remove all the prices for Amazon-linked products to comply with their affiliate rules. It’s probably best since the prices fluctuate so often anyways. Also added Amazon Affiliate disclaimers throughout the site where applicable, and to the Privacy page.
  • 8/22/20 Added new medical category. Thanks to Ken Rosser for the suggestion!
  • 8/16/20 Major new feature added: the Forum! Please sign up at forum.voguide.com
  • 8/15/20 Added code to only show the talent’s video profile tab if they have specified a YouTube video. Previously it showed the tab, but no content.
  • 8/14/20 Since the site went online, I’ve been struggling to get the audio player to behave properly on Apple mobile devices (iOS/iPadOS). Basically, the animated waveform had to be disabled due to Apple’s WebAudio API bugs… which is fine, because now there aren’t any playback stuttering and crackling issues with Safari. Thanks for your help, Luigi!
  • 8/6/20 Added new Vocal Booths page to the gear section. Did I miss any?
  • 8/6/20 Added new Booth Toys page to the gear section. Do you have any suggestions?
  • 8/6/20 Disabled the audio player’s ability to auto-play the next audio file on the page. This got confusing, especially in the actor directory, because there was no indication as to who’s demo was being played after the one you clicked to hear was finished.
  • 8/5/20 Because of the previously mentioned change, the registration form has been updated to require a .mp3 in order to apply for membership.
  • 8/5/20 Major change to the main mp3 demo for actors: Now your main .mp3 demo is uploaded to this website (no longer a link). Your other 4 demos still remain links at this time.
  • 8/1/20 Removed the “coming soon” block and have finally opened it up to the general public as a “soft launch”.
  • 7/27/20 Added a new FAQ section to the help area, with the goal to have most common VO questions answered. This will take time.
  • 7/26/20 Also added “Union”, “Home Booth” and microphones to the filters for actors. The microphones filter is a very cool feature because you can enter a brand or model such as “sennheiser” or “416” to find all actors that have a specific microphone.
  • 7/26/20 Huge thanks to Keaver Brenai who pointed out that Gender was missing from the filter options for the actor directory. I can’t believe I missed that!
  • 7/23/20 Added legal GDPR/Cookie notice to footer (sorry folks, I hate them too, but…)
  • 7/21/20 Added a suggested starter kit under the gear menu. Suggestions?
  • 7/21/20 Just received this incredible testimonial from Jake Fedida: “VO Guide is arguably one of the coolest things in modern human history. Aesthetically, the website has a great look and vibe.”
  • 7/20/20 Added a Headline field to the profile form. Just go to Edit Profile to add yours. The headline appears on your About tab above Bio but it also (more importantly) appears on the first tab shown, the Audio tab, above all your waveforms (you can thank Jordan Reynolds for this suggestion!)
  • 7/20/20 Added City and State fields to the profile form
  • 7/20/20 Moved Tech Help from Learn to Resources (good call, Jordan Reynolds!)
  • 7/20/20 I feel I’m on the home stretch. Just a few more things to deal with, add more content and get more new users to help test out
  • 7/20/20 Got a nice email reply from the legend Joe Cipriano about the site “I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes you”
  • 7/20/20 Added new “Apps” category (thanks Elaine Clark for the suggestion!) located under Resources > Software
  • 7/20/20 Added code to fix Google Drive mp3 links (thanks Ashley Chaney for finding this problem!)
  • 7/20/20 Fixed missing top menu on 1280px wide Android tablet
  • 7/19/20 Added all the site favicons (icon that shows in the tab, bookmarks, etc.)
  • 7/19/20 Added a lot more products to the gear category
  • 7/19/20 Added new listings category to the help section
  • 7/19/20 Added code to fix Dropbox mp3 links (thanks Jordan Reynolds for finding this problem!)
  • 7/19/20 Added verified checkmark for items in the listings
  • 7/18/20 Major pre-beta launch: Changed mp3 and video links from single textareas to individual text fields for better control
  • 7/7/20 – 7/17/20 It’s all a blur. Worked 24/7 to get this site standing up and had no time to document the gory details!
  • 7/6/20 Decided on purple. #9a87f7 and #7b6bc5 to be exact. Why purple? Mainly because everything else I’ve done (yes those are all separate links!) over the few decades has been blue and my eyeballs needed a change.
  • 7/6/20 Registered voguide.com and grabbed social usernames for Instagram, Facebook, and yes… even Twitter.