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Developing VO Guide is much like developing an application. There are hundreds of thousands of lines of code running on the server! While the bulk of the initial development is now over, it will continue over time. New features and changes in the future. I thought I’d document them on a page.

Consider it the “release notes” for this site/application. I’ll give shout-outs to those who help, mention new features I add (and on what day), bugs I fix, milestones achieved, and other fun tidbits along the way. It’s like Twitter, but on a page… and not on Twitter, because who really uses Twitter these days?

You can find it here: VO Guide Updates

I promise to leave out the minutia… I mean, do you really need to know that I just changed the max-width from 250px to 200px of the .post_image style for the blog listing? No, I didn’t think so.

You Stay Classy, San Diego

Chris Duke
San Diego, CA

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