Voice Over Gear (Starter Kit)

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Just starting out? Here’s our recommended ~$100 budget voice over recording starter kit. Click the categories above for more options. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

In order of importance:

  1. Recording space. Hunker down in a closet (walk-in closet, if you’ve got one). The more clothes hanging, the better. Your mic is only as good as the space you record in. Hang up moving blankets or thick comforters on exposed wall surfaces.
  2. USB vs XLR mic: Start with a USB mic–one you can afford. Any XLR condenser mic will require you to purchase a XLR cable and an audio interface, increasing cost.
  3. Pop filter: Always have one, even if your mic claims to have one “built in”. Give 3-6″ between the mic and the filter–otherwise it won’t be useful. A foam windscreen/sock can also work well, depending on your mic and your mic placement.
  4. Software: If you’re on a Mac, GarageBand works great. But Audacity works better, plus it’s free. Free is good.
  5. Hardware: Any modern Mac or PC will do the trick. You’re editing audio, not video–so you don’t need anything high end.
  6. Headphones: Make sure it’s a closed back set of cans so your audio can’t be “heard” by your mic as well.