How It Works

Our voice talent directory is FREE to join, however there are requirements in order to become a member and have profile page. Before registering for an account, you must:

1. Be an active voice over professional.

2. Have a headshot photo for your profile (yes, your beautiful face!). A professional photo is ideal. No logos allowed.

3. Have a professionally produced English commercial .mp3 demo reel to upload (approximately 60 seconds, various styles).

4. Have a dedicated website (not social media page) for your VO business that is up-to-date with your current demos.

To submit your application for membership, click here.

After Your Membership is Approved

We host only your main .mp3 demo and your headshot photo. Any other media that appears on your profile page (.mp3 files or videos) must be hosted elsewhere. We recommend hosting your .mp3 file(s) on your own website or a file sharing site (for additional information click here). For videos, they must be links to YouTube (click here for more information on videos).

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to login and configure your profile page with information such as your bio, country, union status, what microphone(s) you have, whether or not you have a home vocal booth, and more. You will also be able to configure your voice profile with information such as voice age, categories, languages you speak, roles and styles.

Once your headshot has been uploaded, your profile will appear in our voice talent directory, which includes appearing on the home page as a new voice talent. If your profile is complete (About tab/profile information) we may promote your profile on our social accounts at our discretion (only complete profiles will be considered). So it is very important that your profile be as complete as possible.

VOG does not, at this time, offer any jobs/auditions. Your profile will be searchable/browsable here at our site and be indexed by search engines, so your profile should be as complete as possible.

What Should I Do If I’m Not Approved?

If you receive an email that your registration request to become a member was declined, it is most likely because the above requirements were not met. Specifically, this could mean one or more one of the following problems with the .mp3 voice over demo reel you uploaded:

  1. Too short. We ask that the length of your .mp3 demo be approximately 1 minute in length. If it’s :50 or 2:00 that’s fine, too. Anything less than :45 will definitely be rejected.
  2. Too long. If it’s over 2:00, update it to be shorter, targeting 60 seconds.
  3. Sound levels are poor. Levels should not peak or sound “blown out”. Likewise, levels should not be so low it’s hard to hear.
  4. You have plosives. Invest in a pop filter and learn about proper pop filter and mic placement.
  5. Lacking variety. You should have a mix of styles so your voice doesn’t sound the same throughout your entire demo. Listen to other demos in our talent directory for ideas.
  6. Your voice acting needs improvement. Work with a voice over coach and attend some voice over workshops to get some feedback, advice, and coaching from a professional. 

We hear a lot of demos from new voice actors or actors entering the business that have the potential to become a great voice talent, but are lacking the experience and training. Voice acting is very different from on-camera/theater acting.

Also, it’s not advised in most situations to produce your own voice over demo reel. It takes a lot of experience to do it right. There are plenty of professionals that can produce a demo reel for you.

Finally, there are a ton of great resources right here at VO Guide. Ask questions in our forum, read our FAQ, and visit the menu at the top of the site for useful links, resources, and information!

When you’re ready with a new demo reel for consideration, please re-apply. Good luck with your journey!