How do I add videos to my profile?

Your public profile page can include video links which automatically turn into embedded playable videos.


Go here, add your YouTube video link(s) toward the bottom of the page. Smack the update button and get back to your auditions! Note: be sure to check for form submit errors after you hit the update button. If you’re not immediately returned to your profile tabs, scroll up and look for errors.

The Long Version

To add embedded YouTube videos, click the Edit Profile link from your account menu at the top right of the page. You must be logged in for this to appear. You can also click this link.

Once properly configured, your public profile page’s video tab will look similar to this:

To make it look like that is super easy!

Just add full URLs to your YouTube videos. You can also add an optional text title to help organize and differentiate your various videos on your page. All you need to do to turn your links into videos is to just add the links themselves. We’ll take care of the rest for you!

Important Notes:

  1. You can add a total of 5 to your profile.
  2. Only YouTube links are supported
  3. HTML is not allowed
  4. Each URL must start with https://
  5. Titles are optional

Here’s what a properly configured video section looks like:

Once you have entered all your links and optional titles, hit the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page, and you’re done! You’ll see them instantly on your public profile page.