What is a microphone pop filter?

A pop filter (also known as a pop screen, pop shield, or windscreen) is used to reduce or eliminate plosives. They come in several different forms:

  1. A foam windscreen that covers your microphone. This is also sometimes called a “sock” (because of the way it goes on) or “clown nose” (because of the way it looks on round microphones) and often included with your microphone purchase.
  2. A separate round nylon-covered frame placed 3-6 inches in front of the microphone. It is typically covered with 1-2 layers of nylon stretched over a frame, however it can also be constructed of metal or aluminum. This frame is typically attached to a flexible/bendable “gooseneck” arm with a clamp at the other end so that you can attach it to your microphone arm or stand.

While some microphones (typically dynamic microphones) are manufactured with pop filters “built-in”, it’s advised to still use an additional pop filter as described above.