What are plosives?

A plosive is caused by a burst of fast moving air from your speech into the microphone.

The best example is to say this sentence with your mouth close to your microphone:

peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

If you’ve got a pop filter, remove it or move it out of the way for this test.

Now record yourself saying that, then play it back. Notice how you can hear the puffs of air hitting the diaphragm of your microphone?

That’s a plosive… and you never want them in your recordings. Ever.

There are other offending letters besides the letter P. Words which start with the letters B, D, G, K, and T can also be “plosive”.

How do you stop plosives in your audio recordings? There are three easy methods:

  1. Point your microphone off-axis to your mouth.
  2. Add a pop filter in front of your microphone.
  3. Put a foam windscreen on your microphone.