What are Adobe Audition .pkf files?

Every time you open a .wav file in Adobe Audition, it automatically creates a .pkf file in the same folder with the same file name. They can be quite annoying. So what are they, why are they created, and how can you disable them?

They are “peak” files and they are basically a snapshot of the visual waveform so when Adobe Audition loads your .wav file again, it can do so quickly. This is especially helpful for long recordings. If all you work with are short/small .wav files, however, they can definitely be a nuisance.

How to Disable Adobe Audition .PKF Peak Files

Note: These steps refer to the latest version of Adobe Audition. Older versions may vary.

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Click to the “Media & Disk Cache” section
  3. Un-check the option “Save Peak Files”
  4. Click the OK button