About Us

Chris Duke

Professional voice actor, TV host, creator and developer of VO Guide


VO Guide is Your Guide to Everything Voice Over!

Chris, a full time voice actor, initially created VOG as a way to organize all of his favorite findings in the voice over world: gear, workshops, coaches, books, P2P sites, software, conferences, tech help, and more. Then he added his favorite news and podcasts, a voice actor directory, and more.

What originally started out as a ton of notes in a ton of nested folders in his Notes app, turned into this website. It continues to grow with your input and support. Always feel free to reach out and let him know what you’d like to see here! 

There is so much information out there about the voice over industry. A lot of it is outdated, no longer relevant, or simply bad advice. This industry is his passion and his goal is to keep VOG current, adding the latest information so that hopefully you can quickly find everything that you need.

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